Mary Lewis:

Has been teaching Music Together® for 13 years. She plays multiple instruments and writes and records original music.  Currently teaches Special Education in Brentwood.  She also teaches private piano lessons.


Christine Fena:

B.A. - voice; M.A./PhD. - music history and music theory and is a professor up at Stony Brook.  She is a Music Together 'mom' and her 2 children Robin (10) and Cora (7) are MT graduates.  She has been a registered Music Together teacher for 3 years and is excited to be teaching classes !!

















I've been a registered Music Together teacher since 2004 and the director of my own center since 2005. I write, record and perform original music and play multiple instruments. I love teaching Music Together and cultivating the love of music in you and your children :-)


Christine is a Music Together mom of 'graduates' - her son plays drums and piano, and her daughter plays violin. Christine holds a PhD in Musicology and has been teaching MT for 2 years.